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About Us

Our Mission is to be the world’s most trusted online legal service provider

Law online. anywhere. anytime​

About Us

Our Vision is for a world where every person no matter what they earn, what they do or where they live, can feel protected and have the basic knowledge they need to live happy, meaningful lives.

Our Mission is to constantly develop our service offering and platform to be the world’s most trusted online legal service provider.

And in that lays the Values that lay in the hearts and minds of our team and are embedded in our culture. In all that we do and are, and always when working with clients, we try our best to live by the following values.

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Our Values

Be "WOW"

We seek to amaze and delight in everything we do and take the initiative to go above and beyond were possible. We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in everything we do

Make it Happen

We aim to be outcome driven and never give up. There is no “too hard” basket when every issue is an opportunity to develop. Every member of our team is responsible for implementing our Vision in all we do.

Have fun and bring quirk

We celebrate people who bring fun to our environment. Who doesn’t want a happy work that’s fun to work in.

Share happiness

The kindness words you share may change someone’s life. We try to be the change we’d like to see in the world.

Dream out loud

We all have dreams, goals and celebrate personal milestones together and with our clients too.

We believe in the simple, not the complex.

Any fool can make something complicated but it takes a real genius to simplify it. We do our best to be that genius and make it easy.