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Preparing a Will

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Preparing a Will​

“Let’s all sit around and think about what happens if we die”, said no one ever. But like taxes, death is an unavoidable part of life and when the time comes, you need to make sure your intentions are known. Even if you do not have many assets or a million dollars in the bank, not having an estate plan is highly likely to put your family through a significant amount of stress when they are already grieving their loss of you.

Many people find it uncomfortable thinking about a will and planning for a future you’re no longer a part of, however it makes it much easier for your loved ones in the event of your death. But the sooner you do, the sooner you can relax knowing your affairs are in order so you can get back to that Bucket List!

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The types of things we may do for you​

Wills, Codicils & Testamentary Trusts

Comprehensive Advice on your entire estate plan

Powers of Attorney & Health Directives

Testamentary Trusts for asset protection

Checking your current Wills and life situation

Binding Death Benefit Nomination for SMSF

General Power & Enduring Power of Attorney

Letter of Wishes and Executors Guides

You’ve worked hard for the things you own.

Make sure you get to choose what happens to them by having a Will in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for a simple Will of up to 8 pages, we do free reviews. For more complex Wills, we provide a quote for the review and advice service, so you can be sure you’re covered, and can do a new Will if necessary.

So long as you specifically say in your Will that it is made in ‘contemplation of marriage’, then it will still be valid. If you divorce, however, you will need to do a new will.

Where you own the property as Joint Tenants, the property will vest in the surviving tenant i.e. you if your husband has passed away. So you will own the entire property. If you owned it as Tenants in Common, then your husband’s share of the property would vest in his estate and would go to the beneficiary under his Will.
It is hard to know what life issues your beneficiaries may be dealing with when you pass on. For this reason, it is best to have one or more testamentary trusts in your will. This way, the benefit that is due to your beneficiary can be held in the testamentary trust until such time that they want to actually receive it so that their life issue has passed and the benefit is less likely to be taken by an ex-partner, in litigation or a creditor in bankruptcy.
Superannuation does not form part of your estate, unless you specifically provide a binding nomination for the super to go to your estate. We can help with this too.
Where there is no Will, the Rules of Intestacy apply and there is a specific process that must be followed. Just click on the Claim Free Strategy Call and we can provide you with a booklet on next steps in this type of situation. Needless to say, it is best to ensure you have a valid Will in place no matter how much or how little you have, as tidying up after you pass is much harder without a Will.

We’re sorry for your loss. Just click on the Claim Free Strategy Call and we can provide you with an Executor’s Guide so you can administer the estate yourself. You may even benefit from having us Apply for Probate or act for you in the estate administration.