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Selling a House,
Unit or Land

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Selling a House, Unit or Land

It’s time to sell your property and you’re wanting the process to be easy to follow and cost effective, but you don’t want to risk handling it yourself and missing a right or opportunity, or having the contract terminated and winding up in court.

There are certain disclosures you may need to make in the contract depending on the type of property, what State and region you are in, any encumbrances etc so it is best to have us prepare and/or review your contract before signing to ensure the buyer cannot easily terminate

Knowing you have direct access to a lawyer at all times and are kept well informed through the online portal, takes selling your property easy. A stress-free transaction for you is a win for us, so your happiness is our highest priority.
Even if you decide to self-act, there are individual services we can offer to move you through the process, and our Learning Centre provides a wealth of information on selling property and other related topics – all at no cost.

Legal help delivered flexibly to make life easier for you That's Virtual Legal​

Things we may do for you in a sale transaction

Contract review and drafting special conditions​

Assisting with Discharge of Mortgage & PPSR​

Assisting with Finance, Building & Pest conditions​

Adjusting Rates, Water, Rent & Levies​

Preparing for Settlement​

Attending Settlement ​

Off-the-Plan Disclosure and Contract Prep ​

Managing Post Settlement requirements ​

Your time is valuable and conveyancing is complicated.

Let us take make it easy for you.

Client Testimonials

M Condi

Very happy with the professionalism of Virtual Legal. I did not have to worry about a thing. Thank you

S Lipschitz

They were empathetic and when stressors were about, they were able to calmly sort through the issues. I would highly recommend Virtual Legal and if the need arises again, I would be happy to use them again


Virtual Legal, gives you peace of mind in the business world, efficiency, flexibility and understanding of my business is paramount for me. Thank you, Katie and Chris.


Luff TV

The team at Virtual legal have helped me both personally with property settlements and also in business, with many different legal requirements. Their franchising knowledge as well as corporate and general law is fantastic. Better still their friendly professional service makes using a law firm pleasurable. Well done Virtual Legal!

D Stakelum

River City Bookkeeping

“I cannot recommend Virtual Legal Highly enough, Chris is fantastic and went above and beyond what I had requested. I will be using Virtual Legal for all of my future work. Thanks! Donna, River City Bookkeeping”

S Cooper

Virtual legal where a delight to deal with precise and professional!

PRICING & Packages

Choose a Package to Suit You​

Don’t risk losing the sale – let us review the Contract and manage the process.
You’ll be glad you did.

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Sale of Vacant Residential Land

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Sale of Residential Property

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to minimise cost and think you can find your own Buyer, then you can try to sell your property yourself. If you do this, then we will need to create the Contract of Sale for you, which we will do for just $197 + GST. If you are selling a unit or townhouse, you will also need to have a disclosure statement which we can arrange for you. These generally cost around $150-200 as a direct cost from the body corporate searching agent.
If you do not have a simultaneous transaction (i.e. you’re not also purchasing another property) then the only likely delay in your transaction will be having your mortgage/s released and the Buyer arranging their finance. The standard time is 30 days in Queensland contracts and this tends to be more around the 45-60 days in other States. We can work as quickly as you need us to, so if you have to settle the property sooner than anticipated we’ll try to push things along with the other side and your financier.
It is important that you disclose certain things about the property in the Contract of Sale otherwise the Buyer may be able to terminate for non-disclosure. One of these for example is contaminated land and items that may show up on the title search, so we recommend you do a contaminated land search (around $60) and it is mandatory to do a title search ($24).
We’ll need a copy of your identification i.e. Driver’s License and Passport if possible, plus your address, email and phone number, to set up our electronic file. Once the Contract is provided by the Agent, we’ll review it to make sure the property disclosures are made. If you’re not using an Agent, we’ll take care of the disclosures for you, once you provide the property details.
No, we can manage the entire transaction working with you via telephone, email and teleconference/webcam if you would like to have a face-to-face meeting. This saves you time, and also saves money not having to pay for inner city parking. You can just post any original documents to Level 54, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, email us at or call on 1300 550 150.
We recommend that you do this as soon as possible as it can take them several weeks to get ready. In any event, we will remind you once the property goes unconditional.
Yes, we will need to investigate what the caveat has been registered on the property for, and we will open a separate legal file for removal of the caveat. Where the caveat has lapsed, this will be simple enough for us to remove with a few documents prepared and lodged with the Land Titles. However, if there is still an ongoing issue and the Caveat is non-lapsing, then you may need to wait until that issue is sorted out so that the Caveator (person who put the caveat on) releases it. You cannot sell the property with a caveat on I, as the caveat freezes the title so it can’t pass to the Buyer.