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Estate Administration

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Estate Administration

You’ve just lost someone special and have been appointed the Executor. Administering an Estate is a big job and it’s likely you might need a bit of guidance. We can help you with everything from reviewing the Will (if one exists) and advising on whether you need to apply for Probate or Letters of Administration, and why. We can then help you write to banks, suppliers, and anyone that is owed by money from the estate or holds assets or money.

You might need advice on your options and what to do in disputes between beneficiaries, or need us to handle the conveyance when you sell a property within the estate. You might need help with property that transfers to a surviving spouse outside of the estate, and assistance lodging the correct forms to Land Titles. Whatever it is, we will try to make it as simple and straight forward as possible for you.

Legal help delivered flexibly to make life easier for you That's Virtual Legal​

The types of things we may do for you​

Drafting Probate or Letters of Administration

Preparing Report on all assets & liabilities

Assisting with options for splitting assets

Assisting in pay out of accounts & mortgages

Executor’s Guide to Administration & Checklist

Assisting with Administration Transfers

Enabling Personal Representative to sign sale contracts

Writing to Banks and Real Estate Agents

Your time is valuable and estate administration is complicated.

Let us take make it easy for you.

Client Testimonials

M Condi

Very happy with the professionalism of Virtual Legal. I did not have to worry about a thing. Thank you

S Lipschitz

They were empathetic and when stressors were about, they were able to calmly sort through the issues. I would highly recommend Virtual Legal and if the need arises again, I would be happy to use them again


Virtual Legal, gives you peace of mind in the business world, efficiency, flexibility and understanding of my business is paramount for me. Thank you, Katie and Chris.


Luff TV

The team at Virtual legal have helped me both personally with property settlements and also in business, with many different legal requirements. Their franchising knowledge as well as corporate and general law is fantastic. Better still their friendly professional service makes using a law firm pleasurable. Well done Virtual Legal!

D Stakelum

River City Bookkeeping

“I cannot recommend Virtual Legal Highly enough, Chris is fantastic and went above and beyond what I had requested. I will be using Virtual Legal for all of my future work. Thanks! Donna, River City Bookkeeping”

S Cooper

Virtual legal where a delight to deal with precise and professional!

PRICING & Packages

Choose Your Best Offer

Pricing will vary depending on what you require. We can give you a quote depending on what you need to get done.
You may benefit from the Legal Counsel Package:

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1-2 hours per week

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Smart Planning Package

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All Bases Covered Package

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it includes whatever you need your time spent on – meetings, reviews, drafting documents, advice, managing court requirements for probate, letters of administration or issues with beneficiaries, banks, Land Titles. It does not include estate litigation or specialist advice regarding tax or litigation – we do not give this advice and will refer you to a specialist for that type of specialist legal advice should the need arise.

No, the hourly rate is for professional fees only. Any searches you need will be done with your approval in each case and any outlays such as express post envelopes, couriers and government fees for example, will be at your expense for each item, as they are charged direct to us from the supplier.
Yes – we understand each week you may not need the same amount of time – some will be more and others may be a lot less. So we can adjust the times when we do the work for you so that over the 3 month period, you receive the full package of hours as and when you need them i.e. for 2hrs/wk, you’ll get 24 hours to use over the 12 weeks, at whatever intervals you need that time most. You just have to use that time
Yes, if you renew your subscription for another 3-month period. If you do not renew, we will give you one week to use any remaining hours.
Yes, you can buy as many hours as you need. If, after one month, you realise you should have selected a higher package of hours, you can upgrade for the coming month to the higher hours package at the lower hourly rates.
Yes – we will provide you with an invoice for the set about of hours at the beginning of the month and you can pay it at the start of the month in full, or for one week at a time, using the Direct Debit system we set up for you.
No, we can’t act for anyone but you in this matter as we would have a conflict of interest. However we can refer your beneficiaries and other family members to another law firm so they can obtain independent legal advice.